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Neuhardstrasse 38
4600 Olten, CH
+41 62 836 80 10,
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    We have been successful in business for over 40 years!

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    Your electrical measuring and protection specialists

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    Power supplies & power electronics for highest quality demands

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    Best price-performance offer for shunts and resistors

    Jecotec AG, your specialist for:

    Jecotec AG has been in business for over 40 years and is your contact for measuring instruments, transducers & separators, regulators, current & voltage transformers, resistors & shunts, mains analysis, power supplies, power supplies & power electronics, data loggers & recorders, earth fault relays. Power controllers, isolators and many accessories.

    Together with our partners, all well-known manufacturers of quality products, we offer a wide range of instruments, devices and components for many industries.

    With our vast experience in importing and exporting worldwide, short and reliable delivery times including stock management as well as attractive prices, we have been able to establish long-term partnerships with a large number of customers.

    We are particularly proud to be official representatives of the following companies:

    • Lumel S.A
    • Frer Srl
    • Feas GmbH

    We are also a distribution partner of:

    • ATE electronics Srl
    • Binding Union Srl
    • Onesto Electronic Co. Ltd.
    • Taiwan Resistor Corporation Ltd.
    • Thunder Components Ltd.

    With the products of these companies, we have a huge selection and always the right instruments, devices and components at hand for our customers.

    Our customers are well-known companies from all parts of the world and a wide variety of markets, including: power engineering, power supply, industrial electronics, industrial automation, chemical industry, medical technology, food industry, automotive industry, precision equipment, laboratory equipment, telecommunications etc.

    Contact us and learn more about our products and partners!

    • Measure & Control
    • Transducers, separators, current & voltage transformers
    • Power Supplies & Power Electronics
    • Resistors & Shunts
    • Recording, data logger & evaluation
    • Insulators & Accessories
    Technology day Switzerland soldering & rework / 06.09.2023

    The only technology day in Switzerland all about soldering & rework!

    Electronics production is full of dynamics and is constantly in motion. It is therefore all the more important that you remain permanently up to date with the latest technology and are able to assess future trends.

    With the Technology Day on 06.09.2023 in Spreitenbach under the motto "Soldering & Rework", we offer you an exciting outlook on new technologies and a constructive exchange with experts. In addition, you can test the exhibited products yourself and have the opportunity to have assemblies you have brought along processed on the rework systems.

    Register now for the event in the "Umwelt Arena Schweiz" in Spreitenbach!
    We are already looking forward to welcoming you personally in Spreitenbach!

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