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Analogue outputs for NANO H network analysers

New option for NANO H network analysers from Frer.

The wiring option for the analogue outputs M52U02 - M52U04 is now also available for Frer's NANO H network analysers (Q52P3H - Q52D3H).

The NANO H version, in conjunction with the analogue outputs, allows remote transmission of any electrical quantity (4-20mA, 0-20mA, ± 20mA, 0-10V).
The analyser is equipped with two RS485 Modbus serial interfaces, one for data transmission to PLCs, SCADA, monitoring systems, etc., the other RS485 for connection to the analogue output module.
The maximum possible configuration is 12 analogue outputs and 6 alarm outputs, in only 12 DIN modules. The user-friendly programming software makes it possible to set up both the network analyser and the analogue output modules.

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