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Redundancy Modules

Redundancy modules switch on a second power supply in the event of a fault or to increase performance.

Redundancy modules enable the decoupling of two power supplies to either increase output power or achieve increased reliability. The redundancy module is connected downstream of two power supplies of the same type, one of which initially takes over the power supply. If the mains power supply fails or the power supply fails, the redundancy module ensures that the second power supply takes over the power supply without interruption and vice versa without affecting the failed power supply.

The upstream power supplies are each designed in such a way that the total power consumption of all consumers can be covered by one power supply. This redundancy operation can effectively increase the operational reliability of your entire system.

Our range includes redundancy modules for the following voltage ranges:

  • 5,0 VDC - 50 VDC
  • 11,5 VDC - 50 VDC
  • 40,0 VDC - 120 VDC

Choose a redundancy module that suits your application, optionally with:

  • Terminals or cable connection
  • LED display and signal contact
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Main circuit: input 2-pin, output 1-pin or input and output 3-pin
  • Potentiometer for adjusting the voltage error limit at the inputs

All redundancy modules are characterized by their simple mounting on DIN rail, integrated heat sinks, reverse polarity protection at the output, vibration resistance and tropical suitability.

  • Feas Redundancy Modules