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Earth leakage relay type A, AC, B and F

The earth leakage relays are designed for measuring the direct, alternating and high-frequency leakage current.

In addition, they are used to measure the leakage or unbalance currents caused by insulation losses of conductors or equipment and react by cutting off the power supply to the faulty system when the set limits are exceeded.

Thanks to their special feature (the indication of leakage current), it is possible to continuously monitor the insulation status and programme preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected power failures.

Thanks to the 3-colour LCD displays, the different statuses such as measurement, alarm and trip are also very easy to distinguish visually.

  • Earth leakage relay type B with 3-colour display (Frer)
  • Earth leakage relay with 3-colour display (Frer)
  • Earth leakage relay (Frer)
  • CT's to earth leakage relay (Frer)

Katalog: Jecotec-Frer Erdschlussrelais