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Power controller / thyristor controller for power or load currents up to 450A

Power controllers can be used in 1-phase or 3-phase circuits with resistance and induction receivers. Power controllers are often used for control in systems for automatic temperature control or for electrothermal devices.

The power controller / circuit breaker is a contactless electrotechnical device that includes a thyristor connector and an electronic gate trip set. The power controller enables a change in the power supplied from an AC voltage source to the electrical loads as a function of the analogue or pulse control signal.

  • Control types:
  • On-off control 
  • Pulse control 
  • Phase control
  • Load current: 40...450A
  • Power supply: 440V


  • Load current limitation,
  • trip delay type soft start,
  • Gain control for output circuit,
  • Blocking of tripping with external signal ,
  • Control and indication of load current,
  • radiator temperature control,
  • Fuse failure signal,
  • incorrect phase sequence signalling,
  • overload signalling,
  • Relay outputs.
  • 1-phase power controller (Lumel)
  • 3-phase power controller (Lumel)

Katalog: Jecotec-Lumel Leistungssteller