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Shunts diverse


We offer shunt with the common properties and characteristics, as well as we can produce shunt according to your specifications.

  • Purpose: to extend the measuring ranges of DC moving coil ammeters.
  • Inputs: from 1A to 18kA (DC)
  • Outputs: 60mVdc, 50mVdc, 75mVdc, 100mVdc & 150mVdc.
  • Accuracy classes: 0.2 for ranges ≤ 2500A, class 0.5 for all ranges (also > 2500A).
  • Mounting: with screws including thread or threaded hole
  • Insulating base: for standard rail mounting 35 mm
  • Additional coating: lacquering or silver plating possible
RB Serie

Power resistors

Our RB series resistors consist of a ceramic resistor body with a resistor winding of CuNi or CrNi wire and are connected to the aluminium housing by a special silicone resin compound. The resistors of the RB series are manufactured according to MIL specification.

  • Rated power range: 12 W to 250 W
  • Housing allows high heat dissipation
  • Wirewound resistors in aluminium housing are suitable for use in unfavourable ambient conditions
CS & SR Serie

Charging and discharging resistors

Our charging and discharging resistors resp. wire wound resistors with high temperature silicone coating consist of a ceramic resistor body on CuNi or CrNi wire and are coated with a special silicone resin. The resistors of the CS / SR series are manufactured according to MIL specifications.

  • Rated power range: 3 W to 15 W
  • Good protection against environmental influences
  • Pulse-resistant, low-inductance or precision design on request
  • For use in unfavourable ambient conditions and as charging and discharging resistors
PR Serie Dickfilmwiderstände

High-load resistors

The resistors are manufactured using the latest thick-film technology. They are designed for mounting on an additional cooling surface.

  • Excellent size / performance ratio
  • Low induction design
  • Power range: 20 W to 250 W
  • The thick film resistors are particularly suitable for HF applications.
SMD 3SM Serie

SMD power resistors

The SMD power resistors are silicone coated and thermoplastic UL94-V0 encapsulated to ensure maximum wire protection from -55°C to +220°C.

  • Resistance values E12 series: R10 to 10k Ohm
  • Tolerances: standard 5%, 1% on request
  • Power: 3W at 70°C (on FR4 1.6mm PCB)
Heizung DAT Serie

Resistance heater / dehumidifier

One of the main causes of electrical malfunctions on electrical and electronic equipment is the moisture that condenses on the components during temperature fluctuations.
The DAT100 and DAT150 heating elements have been specially developed for this application.

  • A surface temperature limited to 70°C enables trouble-free mounting.
  • A thermal switch allows maximum performance at very low temperatures, then reduces power dissipation until the units shut down at +55°C.
  • The DAT models are provided with an easy clip mounting for the 35 mm DIN rail
  • The use of wirewound power resistors, conforming to MIL-PRF-18546 G specs, increases reliability and ensures a suitable supply voltage
THT Widerstände

Wired resistors (THT)

We offer the following resistors:

  • Metal Film Resistors (Metal Film Resistors)
  • Carbon Film Resistors (Carbon Film Resistors)
  • Metal Oxide Film Resistors (MELF)
  • MELF Resistors (Metal Electrode Leadless Faace)
  • Fusible Resistors (Fusible Resistors)
  • Zero Ohm Resistors / Short Circuit Bridge (Zero Ohm Resistors / Jumper)
  • High Voltage Resistors (Metal Glazed High Voltage Resistors)
  • Special Resistors