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We offer transformers to supply your devices with 12VAC or 24VAC.

The PST100 series safety control transformers are robust and high-performance transformers for supplying devices with low input AC voltage.
The transformers convert the AC voltage on the mains side into a short-circuit-proof 12VAC or 24VAC output voltage suitable for the consumer.The input voltage of the transformers can be 115V or 230V.
Due to the simple circuit design, the transformers have a long service life and a relatively high efficiency (>93%)

Due to a robust design, encapsured in a sturdy aluminum housing, the transformers are particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments or e.B. in shipbuilding.

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Function modules: Setpoint distributors - Motor standstill detectors - Soft start

Setpoint distributors:
The setpoint distributor SV03 is used for the potential-separated transmission and distribution of a setpoint to 5 independently switchable outputs (each 0-10VDC)

Engine standstill detectors:
The MSM3 motor standstill detector monitors the induced outlet generator voltage of the motor (for three-phase, alternating current or DC motors) and outputs standstill and fault notification via relays.

The SAK31 soft start ensures a smooth start of electric motors at rated speed.

The high-quality function modules are installed in a self-extinguishing polycarbonate housing and are mounted directly on the DIN rail.

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