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EMC Filter - Radio Interference Suppression Filter

Protect your system against external interference with an EMC filter!

EMC filters are used to suppress conducted radio interference. This also affects transient disturbances in electrical cables. For this purpose, the radio interference filters are connected between the power supply and the interference-sensitive consumer. Interference pulses or interference voltages are dampened regardless of their place of origin.

Our radio interference filters for DC power supply lines, DC control lines or AC voltage networks with different frequency optimizations and housing types are tailored exactly to your specific applications.

Choose an EMC filter for your application:

  • Supply with DC voltage or AC voltage (1-phase, 3-phase, 3-phase+neutral conductor)
  • with 1-stage or 2-stage suppression
  • optimized against symmetrical or asymmetric interference or interference in the lower frequency range
  • with different housing types (fully encuffed aluminum housing or self-extinguishing polycarbonate housing, optimized for sub-distributions, etc.)
  • Feas EMC Filter / Radio Interference Suppression Filter